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About Asaki

  • Convenient Location – right on route 309 in the Back Mountain Shopping Center right between Burger King and Mcdonalds
  • Elegant and romantic ambiance – traditional Japanese atmosphere will bring you the sights and sounds of Japan
  • Quality food at reasonable price – a very good deal for high quality traditional Japanese cuisine
  • The freshest, best quality food available – steak seafood noodles tempura sushi and more, ensured satisfaction guarantee
  • Friendly and helpful service – well trained waitresses
  • Children friendly surroundings – seating away from the bar and Asaki has always been entirely no smoking
  • Full liquor bar – wine, beer, cocktails, Japanese sake, and more
  • Private dinner party or conference dinner areas available
  • Entire menu available no matter where you sit – go ahead sit at the sushi bar, you can still order off of the Hibachi menu
  • Stays open between Lunch and Dinner  – come in and eat at 3:00PM, we are open.

Asaki is a pioneering Japanese restuarant that has been in business since December 2007. Asaki will bring you all the tastes of Japan. The seafood is bought at sea ports where they sell the freshest of the fresh seafood. The owner of Asaki travels to the ports regularly to get the day's catch. This ensures that you get the best quality food available. Unlike other Japanese restuarants we are open even between lunch and dinner. We always aim to please, so if you want your food prepared a special way just let your waitress know. Also, the manager is always present to assist you. Asaki has two sister restuarants, the Asian Cafe and 5 Star Cuisine.

Asian Cafe has been in buisness since 2003 and serves Chinese cuisine and an authentic sushi bar for your convenience. 5 Star Cuisine is a revolutionary new restaurant that serves up traditional Italian cuisine made my Italian chefs and combines all the tastes of Asian including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietmese prepared by the most prominent Asian chefs and Japanese sushi chefs. Its endless menu from around the globe is sure to please anyone who walks through the door. To get more details visit and

Asaki is open for lunch and dinner, serving a wide variety of your favorite meals. We offer chicken, steak, seafood, Japanese noodles, salads, sushi, and sashimi. Also, there is a bar that includes a full beverage service. Unlike other Japanese resturants Asaki does not close its doors between lunch and dinner, so if you feel like eating at 3:00PM thats fine with us, we'll be open for you. Weekly speacials including Japanese egg rolls and fresh oyster are available. Whatever You order at Asaki is served with a Satisfaction Guarentee.

Elements of Asaki

Asaki is equipped with 4 Hibachi Grills to fire up your night. It also has a sushi bar with two highly experienced chefs to prepare the most elegant hand rolls and sashimi for you. Another good thing about Asaki that many other Japanese resturants do not have is the fact that you can sit at the sushi bar and order off of the hibachi menu, this means you can be seated at any part of Asaki and still enjoy the whole menu. You don't just have to be at the Sushi Bar to taste a California Roll. There is also a full service liquor bar; and yes, the Bars and Grills have TVs installed with ESPN and other sport channels.You can come and watch the game with us. Plus, Asaki is a free Wi-Fi spot, bring your laptop. Also, we have a dining room that will give you an elegant and romantic dining experience. So, why not come in, have a great dinner and hang out with friends? Make tonight a night at Asaki. You'll swear that you're in the city of Tokyo itself! Reservations are recommended.

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